CET Stringer Tournament Services

CET Stringer was the String Team of choice for below Tournaments:

2016 Platinum AMT Doveton TC

When we can we love to get out and about and help the tennis community at tournaments.

Here is a short history of our tournament experiences as the Official Stringing Service so far.

Coming up:

Completed Tournaments

June 2018  Waverley Tennis AMT $10,000, Doveton TC

April 2018 Waverley Tennis Back on Track Platinum AMT $15,000, Doveton TC
Sep. 2017   TCAV AGE Championships, Glen Iris TC
Aug. 2017   Waverley Platinum AMT $10,000, Doveton TC
June 2017   Waverley Queen's Birthday Gold AMT $7,500, Doveton TC

Sep. 2016    TCAV AGE Championships, Glen Iris TC
June 2016   Waverley Tennis Queen's Birthday   Gold AMT $7,500, Doveton TC
April 2016  Waverley Tennis Platinum AMT $10,000, Doveton TC
June 2015   Waverley Queen's Birthday Gold AMT $7,500, Doveton TC
April 2015  Waverley Platinum   Gold AMT $10,000, Doveton TC
June 2014   Waverley Queen's Birthday Gold AMT $7,500, Doveton TC
Aug. 2013  TCAV   Platinum AMT $10,000, Dendy Park TC
June 2013  Waverley Queen's Birthday  Gold AMT $7,500, Doveton TC
Nov. 2012  Victorian Hardcourt Championships Platinum AMT $10,000, Notting Hill Pinewood TC
Nov. 2012  Mercedes-Benz Berwick Waverley Melbourne Cup Platinum AMT $15,000, Doveton TC
June 2012  Inter Regional Team Challenge, Bendigo
Nov. 2011  Mercedes-Benz Berwick Waverley Melbourne Cup Platinum AMT $15,000, Doveton TC
June 2011  Waverley Queen's Birthday Gold AMT $10,000, Doveton TC


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