CET Stringer Racquet Services

 The Premium Racquet Service in Melbourne! 

We have been involved in Tennis on competitive levels, coaching and racquet stringing  since 1981 and also string Squash racquets.

Since starting in the field of Racquet services we have restrung racquets for clubs, shops, amateurs and professionals. We have also been the official stringers at many Australian Money Tournaments.

With a background in engineering we have a deep understanding of the complex mechanics of tennis racquets and string bed technology.

Racquet Stringing:

All customer re-string data is logged in a database, this ensures that every restring is consistent and according to your records.

We string on a precise modern electronic machine with 6 point frame support.

With our modern equipment we can measure stringbed stiffness (DT) and match racquet strings.

All finished re-strings are inked with our custom MUSTA stencil (unless otherwise directed).

We offer Tennis Racquet Customization:

  • Changes to Grip Size
  • Modification of Racquet Weight
  • Change of Balance Point
  • Matching of multiple racquets to the same specifications

MEng, MIEAust, CPEng, FIEAust       

of the

Institution of Engineers Australia

Certified Stringer and Certified Master Racquet Technician from the United States

Racquet Stringers Association.

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